what to people who provide bird control services charge by the hour


The U.K’s bird control specialist, NBC environment has proven to be the best in bird control services. The company provides bird control services for all types of birds.

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The company’s many years of experience in this field makes it have a variety of bird control mechanisms which are charged at separate costs.

Bird control costs per hour

There are different seagull control costs to different technique methods that NBC Environment provides. The following is the cost per hour.

  • The cost of bird control using traditional proofing techniques such as netting, bird spiking and bird wiring is 50 dollars per hour. This is relative to the size of the control unit. Smaller units therefore come at a relatively cheaper cost as compared to larger units.

  • The bird control method using innovative proofing techniques such as electric or gel deterrents and bird netting comes at a cost of 60 dollars per hour.

  • In bird scaring method using falcony response, NBC Environment with their most experienced falcony response teams offers their service at a cost of 70 dollars per hour.

  • In eggs and nest removal services which is an ideal way of preventing the increase in bird population, NBC Environment offers their service at a cost of 40 dollars per hour.

Accessing bird control services is the best way in which you can keep birds away from your desired areas.

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